Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Day, Another Purse: and What to Wear With?

Summer ends soon, but to really enjoy the last two or three weeks of wonderful weather and good friends, make sure to deck out in flip flops and shorts and have a good time. The outfit below started out with the purse, because I made the purse of course. Then came what to wear. The outfit has mostl cool colors- greens, greys and blues with some gold. The pink in the flip- flops won't be visible while you are wearing them. It is really just a cool, comfortable, fun outfit to wear anyday.

(The above purse is quite a bit lighter in color- sea foam green- but as I am on vacation, I have to make do with poor lighting and a not-so-good webcam to take most of my pictures. Sorry!)

The outfit above consists of the following:
(Pricing as Following: $- cheap $$-moderate $$$-pricey)
-$ Rebekah Sierra Tote Purse $N/A (for now)

-$ American Eagle Emblished V-Neck T $19.95
-$$ American Eagle Plaid Bermuda Shorts $39.50

I found all pictures except for the Aeropostale and American Eagle (and the ones that are mine)ones on Google. If asked, I will remove any of the above photos (except for the one of the purse I sewed). This site is not set up to demote any of the above items and is not a paid advertisment. This is just a suggestion article. Nothing bad intended. All prices in USD ($). Enjoy!

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