Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Demi Lovato Fashon and Updates

Quick Update:

I have just finished an abesoloutly adorable purse, but as I am planning to surprise someone with it for their birthday, I unfortunatly can not post a picture of it until after I gift it (which will be in a few months. Sorry!) I have begun work on a skirt and have all of the pieces cut out except the lining which I am putting off because I have some fabulous silk stuff to put on it which I am afraid to attempt doing.

Demi Lovato Fashion:

Demi Lovato stars in Sonny With a Chance, a new-er, funny Disney TV show. She also starred in Camp Rock, one of Disney's hit movies, along side the Jonas Brothers. The other day I found a great picture of Demi in a cute Samantha Sweater and pants outfit. At the time I could not find a picture of the Samantha Sweater. Now that I have found the sweater, I can't find the picture of Demi. So smart, right?

Here is a cute Demi Pic to replace the one I can't find of her:

Demi Inspired Outfit:

The outfit above consists of the following:
(Pricing as Following: $- cheap $$-moderate $$$-pricey)

-$$$ Kenneth Jay Lane Enamel Bamboo Bangles $49.00

- Purse: Dimi often chooses not to rock the purse. This is usually because she is holding a microphone.

-$ Chadwick's Samantha Sweater $16.99 (Don't forget to layer with a tank under the sweater.)

I found all pictures except for the Chadwick's and Sears ones on Google. If asked, I will remove any of the above photos. This site is not set up to demote any of the above items and is not a paid advertisment. This is just a suggestion article. Nothing bad intended. All prices in USD ($). Enjoy!

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