Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Ends but Sundress Lives On

As fall aproaches, tones of a wonderful summer remain. The sundress can grow up to become a party or dance dress when paired with the correct purse, jewlery and shoes of course.

The below outfit shows how to dress up the sundress. I hate to say it, but I can't decide on a clutch purse to match it all. I'll leave that up to you. Look at clutches here: Now it's your turn to go bargain shopping and get it all for a better deal. Have fun and don't forget to mix and match!

The outfit above consists of the following:
(Pricing as Following: $- cheap $$-moderate $$$-pricey)

-$$ American Eagle Plaid Dress $44.50
-$ Aeropostale Double Strand Heart Necklace $15.50
-$$$ Coach Poppy Daphne Flower Headband $128.00
-$$$ Coach Poppy Skyla Resin Bow Flat $158.00

Just a note: The Coach Poppy Headband I chose to accompany the outfit is the green, blue and gold one, not the purple based tiara. Also, the picture is not true to the lime green of the real headband.

I found all pictures except for the Aeropostale and American Eagle ones on Google. If asked, I will remove any of the above photos. This site is not set up to demote any of the above items and is not a paid advertisment. This is just a suggestion article. Nothing bad intended. Enjoy!

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