Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Rebekah Sierra

If you have somehow managed to stumble upon this website, there are some simple things you should know about Rebekah Sierra.

Rebekah: I am a young teen with an eye for sewing and the such. (I also write. My personal blog is ) To be truthful, Rebekah is my middle name, not my first, but I think it stands out more in the fashion industry than the more common first name I have.

Sierra: 'Rebekah' has been my friend since grade two. Upon launching into the fashion industry, I chose to use my middle name in the company name because it stands out. The company name actually means Mt. Rebekah if you think about it.

I will be posting my sewing projects for all to view and possibly eventually sell them. I am currently working on a purse and skirt. Earlier today I completed a headband. I also have a brand- new bought today camera I will upload my pictures from very soon.

I will post my new projects as frequently as possible, so check back soon!

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