Friday, August 21, 2009

Do Not Worry!

I have not deserted my fashion audience. As for the lack of posts, I have a complete list of viable excuses including the fact that my computer here in Singapore has gone 'wack'. Something happened and it won't come on. We tried to get some people to come and fix the computer but all that ended up happening was the harddrive actually got taken out of the computer and it was a mess of wires for a few days. Now it's just sitting there. Oh, well. Without the computer at my beck and call I've reverted to reading more like when I was little... not to say I'm an adult either. I think today we'll take a look at the latest children's fashion.
I've not done much on children's fashion, but my cousin owns the site below & she showed me a few things that she does. I helped make one of the bowholders, but I cannot find the particular one on her site, so I will just show a few different ones instead.

Every little girl has owned a bow at some time in her past, and many parents have tons of them for their kids. The annoying thing is when there are too many bows and they are all shoved in a drawer to the point where it takes ten minutes to find the right bow. That is where bowholders come in. They are the best in custom organization for children. My favorite is the floral design located below.
Along with beautiful bowholders, Elise Claire Designs makes adorable outfits for children. as shown below and on thier site.

Honestly, I am a bit biased on who makes the best toddler and young children's clothing mainly because the owner is very closely related to me, but I do have to say- get out there, shop around and find the best for your baby!
(Yes, J- I own this website: E)
Nothing bad intended- will take down any photos if asked. Secure site. (My cousin owns these photos- not me.)

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