Friday, August 28, 2009

Singapore Style

I've officially been in Singapore for over a year now, and have become acquainted with the styles here. I'm sure "yall" in the States would like to know what the styles in Singapore/ Japan/ Hong Kong are like.

Everything over here is funky and fun. There are really two sides to fashion over here. The first is what comes over from NY, Milan & the like. The second side is the HK/ Japan bit. That's the side I'll focus on today.
I love how crazy some jewelry is over here. Hello Kitty & friends make appearances in teen clothing and jewelry all the time. If you happen to be in Singapore, Chamelon sells the cheapest fun accessories. There is a Chamelon in the Causeway Point mall for those of you who are interested. (I tried without any luck to find the Chamelon website- sorry!)
For clothing, Giorano and Uniqlo sell some unique, up to date things.

There is a brand-new Uniqlo located in ION Orchard- a very brand- new mall. It's amazing- you'll just have to go there for yourself. (Oh- and I know doughnuts and staying skinny don't go together, but they just put in a Duncan Doughnuts at ION :) )
Technicalities: (I'm not using yall to demean people in the states- it's actually a word I get made fun of for using... (yes, I'm a Texan) :D ) The pictures in this article will be removed if asked. Nothing bad intended in this article- for fashion purposes only. Fashion in Singapore is very good.

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