Friday, September 4, 2009

Back With Baggy?

Fashion keeps moving foreword- it waits for no one. For the past couple of years everyone has been rockin' the skinny jeans, but lately more and more people are showing up on the runway with baggy shorts & capris.

(The below picture is Rachel Bilson.)
I personally think it's a cute style, but skinny's aren't out just yet. Some of these baggy shorts are a cross between bubble shorts and baggy because at the bottom they come back up and in. In the picture above, they are more simply rolled up. I have a great picture of some shocking turquoise blue baggies, but currently can not find it.

Now I need to get working on sewing a pair for my friend to model. Then I can upload that.

Positive article- only good things intended. Will remove picture/ text if asked.

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