Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween and Sea Green: October is Almost Here- Double Article

If you're looking for Trick - or - Treat inspirations, or the best nail color for you, you've stumbeled upon the right blog.

Special Double Article

Weather you want the perfect nail color to match your outfit or you are trying to make your hands look smaller, there IS a nail polish out there for you.

Tips & Tricks:
- Mid to deep greens make your hands &/or feet look smaller
- A simple French Manicure is a good break from crazy colors
- If your nails are chipping a lot, either the climate, the length of your nails or both are affecting them. If your nails are too long, give them a quick trim. If it is because of the climate, add a clear coat and hope for the best.
- If you are painting your nails in a rush, dunk them in cool water to get them to dry faster
- If your colored nail polish isn't a good brand, then make sure to wear a clear coat over top
- Sea green is in right now for nails

I'm not sure about the USA right now, but in Singapore everyone grades Pre-K to Senior year trick - or - treats on Halloween. Everybody and their dog dress up as princesses, pirates and witches, but this year you can stant out. Here are some simple suggestions:

Costume Ideas:

-Taylor Swift: Curl your hair into ringlets, put on a dress and some boots and grab a mic 'cause your crowd's waiting!

-Twist on Twister: Take an old sheet and four old shirts the colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. Cut circles out of the shirts and sew them onto the sheet just like a twister mat. Then sew the "mat" down the back and add noodle straps - you're a walking game board!

- Rainbow: Grab six friends and dress up in all seven colors of the rainbow - wear matching t - shirts and shorts your color and go door - to - door as one big group.

- Checkerboard: Wear a checker-ed shirt with checker-ed skinny jeans, a checker-ed hat and checker-ed vans

- Marshmallow: Wear a white pillow case over your head and orange shorts - a marshmellow over a campfire!

- Kiwi: (I'm including this one because my friend - guy did this last year) Draw a kiwi on a white t - shirt and walk around yelling "I'm a kiwi and you just got pwnd!"

The costume ideas were all mine (except the kiwi - that was David's) - if somebody has thought of them before, then sorry!

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