Thursday, September 17, 2009


I now have some fabulous cloth and am working on sewing a blouse for myself. I'm debating over weather the cloth will shrink if I sew it then wash it or not. I made a dress out of the same fabric, but as I only wore it to one weding (then had a growth spurt and no longer fit into it in any way at all), I really had no reason to wash it.

The outfit I want to sew is more like a blouse- dress... or a bless. It comes mid- thigh and is worn with a lightweight, sheer jacket and either leggings or shorts that barley peak out below the bless. (Don't forget the jewlery.) See below:

I appologise for the awful sketch. I drew a MUCH better looking version, but my scanner is broken right now, so the best I could do was draw it on Paint and hope it isn't too miserable. Please don't take my blog as a joke just because of this one poor Paint sketch - I WILL get the scanner fixed and you can see real art.

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