Friday, September 11, 2009

Summer 2010 Fashion Predictions

Summer 2009 has just ended, but here at Rebekah Sierra, we are already looking ahead to Summer 2010. A new sewing machine is in order, and new outfits are being sketched. With all that goes into making a new line of clothing, we will have to shoot our photos in early October, or we will miss our deadline and have to skip to Fall 2010 - which would be horrible. With the workload, and of course school, I'm sorry if there seems to be a lack of posts. I hope to continue weekly posting.

What we expect for Summer 2010:
- With Summer, always comes swimsuits & 2010's will be very inventive to start off a brand new decade. (The last time the decade began, I was just a toddler.)
- Even more modern/ space-age-y outfits
- More chunky jewelry accompanying each outfit
- The simple blouse will be updated and Summer-afied - expect some cute sleeveless tops
- Some very out-there outfits with inspirations from floral bases
- Greens showing up across the board with plenty of gold accents
- Less and less browns and blacks
- Spring outfits changed to fit Summer standards
- Lots of gold

If you have watched the official music video for Boom Boom Pow (by the Black Eyed Peas), there are some things in their outfits that might possibly be incorperated into new trends, howeber I strongly doubt that we will all be wearing skin- tight candy- cane colored unitards.

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