Friday, September 18, 2009

Updates & Favorite Fashion: Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs

First off, I realise that I posted just a few days ago, but I failed to mention at that time that I just got a new sewing machine last weekend. I'm currently working on a "bless" and if you go to my school, then you might get to see me wearing it the next free dress day. (Yes, my school has uniforms.) Oh, and for those of you who were wondering- I did wash the new fabric and it didn't fade or shrink, so I'm happy.

[A "bless" is something in between a blouse and a dress. The word "bless" is a portmanteau of blouse and dress, but is not to be confused with a baby dress. I want to copyright that word - my invention. I guess you could call the "bless" a neologism, but I'll make it a common word. Some day it will be known as something other than "to bestow good wishes" and it will say "coined by Rebekah Sierra".]

Anyway, now to favourite spring/ summer 2010 outfits & collections. I love the exotic colors Oscar de la Renta used in his new line. My favourite outfit is a beautiful bright orange dress he made. Marc Jacobs also has some very nice new things out. The websites are below for you to take a look.

I love the sideways pumps / sideways heels. Marc Jacobs made the original back in 2008, but they are now being made by many different companies and becoming more common. They are very inventive, original shoes & for those of you who hate them, step back because you're about to get hit by a wave of the future. Like I said two posts ago, designers are getting more adventurous and way more futurestic with thier clothing & accessories. See the hair-do's from the Marc Jacobs spring show?
Marc Jacob's

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  1. Thanks for coming over to my blog and commenting on that post from 2007! I shoulda known you're into fashion.

    And thank you for teaching me a new word, or at least a new meaning for an old word. "Bless."

    Gorgeous gowns.