Thursday, December 31, 2009


Yes, it's been a while. I could give you a hundred excuses why I haven't posted as of recent, but I'll spare you and leave you with a quick New Year's picture and a promise to upload all of the new things I have made. (And yes, I have LOTS of new things to upload.)

To see my New Years resolutions and such, visit

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

Hey readers, great news- Rebekah Sierra is going re-vamp (no, not vampires). We're fixing up the site and we're going to add a few new bits and pieces such as Runway Watch! Yes, we will be spotting the runway for the viewers from now on and not just for ourselves.

Speaking of runways, did any of you see Prada's piggie tail line? In the Paris Spring 2010 Fashion Week line-up, Prada went full- out with the piggies- every model had 'em. Everything was crystal-esque with clear plastic purses and fax diamonds dripping from every model. So much fun, so much work to do.

The site may be down and out for a week or so, while I fix some link problems. I'm not exactly a tech wiz, so give me some time. Don't forget the other fashion sites out there, too!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bali Fashion

I'm sorry for the missed post this weekend. This week (or actually just yesterday and today) I had four finals, the mile and timed swimming for p.e. Anyway, I've made enough excuses. I'm currently posting from Changi Airport, about to depart to Bali! I'm hoping that while I'm there I will have internet access, if not, I will post when I get back to Sinapore.

While in Bali, I hope to pick up some new and intresting things to add to the Rebekah Sierra Summer 2010 collection, while gathering 'beach inspiration' if you will. In other words, I will be relaxing on the beach, doodling new outfits and scanning the local markets for things to use soon. I will post my finds as soon as I get back!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shirt: Complete

Yesterday morning I woke up and remembered that I had a birthday party to go to that afternoon. I rummaged through my closet, but came up with nothing worthy of wearing, so I grabbed that pink material I had been talking about and got to work. In just a couple of hours, I had a cute pink shirt that I knew noone else would be wearing. I paired the shirt with a white jacket (rolled up sleeves) and bottoms. I'd love to put the picture up right now, but I havn't had a chance to get my model to come over and model it yet. I'll inform you as soon as it is up.


Fun Fashion Fact:
Taylor Swift went as Chewbaka for Halloween one year as a kid.

Fashion Equasions:

Simple flats+ rhinestone & ribbon= cute shoes worth way less than they look

Cheap cluch+ diagonal pyramid studs= cute pricey- looking clutch

Old sundress+ three layer diagonal ruffle addition= easy but cute new look (don't fforget to pre-wash the material for the ruffles or the sunddress won't fit any more and it'll be like wearing a boa constictor instead of a fall- dance type thing)

Curvy = Empire waist

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween and Sea Green: October is Almost Here- Double Article

If you're looking for Trick - or - Treat inspirations, or the best nail color for you, you've stumbeled upon the right blog.

Special Double Article

Weather you want the perfect nail color to match your outfit or you are trying to make your hands look smaller, there IS a nail polish out there for you.

Tips & Tricks:
- Mid to deep greens make your hands &/or feet look smaller
- A simple French Manicure is a good break from crazy colors
- If your nails are chipping a lot, either the climate, the length of your nails or both are affecting them. If your nails are too long, give them a quick trim. If it is because of the climate, add a clear coat and hope for the best.
- If you are painting your nails in a rush, dunk them in cool water to get them to dry faster
- If your colored nail polish isn't a good brand, then make sure to wear a clear coat over top
- Sea green is in right now for nails

I'm not sure about the USA right now, but in Singapore everyone grades Pre-K to Senior year trick - or - treats on Halloween. Everybody and their dog dress up as princesses, pirates and witches, but this year you can stant out. Here are some simple suggestions:

Costume Ideas:

-Taylor Swift: Curl your hair into ringlets, put on a dress and some boots and grab a mic 'cause your crowd's waiting!

-Twist on Twister: Take an old sheet and four old shirts the colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. Cut circles out of the shirts and sew them onto the sheet just like a twister mat. Then sew the "mat" down the back and add noodle straps - you're a walking game board!

- Rainbow: Grab six friends and dress up in all seven colors of the rainbow - wear matching t - shirts and shorts your color and go door - to - door as one big group.

- Checkerboard: Wear a checker-ed shirt with checker-ed skinny jeans, a checker-ed hat and checker-ed vans

- Marshmallow: Wear a white pillow case over your head and orange shorts - a marshmellow over a campfire!

- Kiwi: (I'm including this one because my friend - guy did this last year) Draw a kiwi on a white t - shirt and walk around yelling "I'm a kiwi and you just got pwnd!"

The costume ideas were all mine (except the kiwi - that was David's) - if somebody has thought of them before, then sorry!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Updates & Favorite Fashion: Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs

First off, I realise that I posted just a few days ago, but I failed to mention at that time that I just got a new sewing machine last weekend. I'm currently working on a "bless" and if you go to my school, then you might get to see me wearing it the next free dress day. (Yes, my school has uniforms.) Oh, and for those of you who were wondering- I did wash the new fabric and it didn't fade or shrink, so I'm happy.

[A "bless" is something in between a blouse and a dress. The word "bless" is a portmanteau of blouse and dress, but is not to be confused with a baby dress. I want to copyright that word - my invention. I guess you could call the "bless" a neologism, but I'll make it a common word. Some day it will be known as something other than "to bestow good wishes" and it will say "coined by Rebekah Sierra".]

Anyway, now to favourite spring/ summer 2010 outfits & collections. I love the exotic colors Oscar de la Renta used in his new line. My favourite outfit is a beautiful bright orange dress he made. Marc Jacobs also has some very nice new things out. The websites are below for you to take a look.

I love the sideways pumps / sideways heels. Marc Jacobs made the original back in 2008, but they are now being made by many different companies and becoming more common. They are very inventive, original shoes & for those of you who hate them, step back because you're about to get hit by a wave of the future. Like I said two posts ago, designers are getting more adventurous and way more futurestic with thier clothing & accessories. See the hair-do's from the Marc Jacobs spring show?
Marc Jacob's

Informative article only. No bad things intended. Any pictures/ text will be removed if asked. Contact at Thank you for reading!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I now have some fabulous cloth and am working on sewing a blouse for myself. I'm debating over weather the cloth will shrink if I sew it then wash it or not. I made a dress out of the same fabric, but as I only wore it to one weding (then had a growth spurt and no longer fit into it in any way at all), I really had no reason to wash it.

The outfit I want to sew is more like a blouse- dress... or a bless. It comes mid- thigh and is worn with a lightweight, sheer jacket and either leggings or shorts that barley peak out below the bless. (Don't forget the jewlery.) See below:

I appologise for the awful sketch. I drew a MUCH better looking version, but my scanner is broken right now, so the best I could do was draw it on Paint and hope it isn't too miserable. Please don't take my blog as a joke just because of this one poor Paint sketch - I WILL get the scanner fixed and you can see real art.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Summer 2010 Fashion Predictions

Summer 2009 has just ended, but here at Rebekah Sierra, we are already looking ahead to Summer 2010. A new sewing machine is in order, and new outfits are being sketched. With all that goes into making a new line of clothing, we will have to shoot our photos in early October, or we will miss our deadline and have to skip to Fall 2010 - which would be horrible. With the workload, and of course school, I'm sorry if there seems to be a lack of posts. I hope to continue weekly posting.

What we expect for Summer 2010:
- With Summer, always comes swimsuits & 2010's will be very inventive to start off a brand new decade. (The last time the decade began, I was just a toddler.)
- Even more modern/ space-age-y outfits
- More chunky jewelry accompanying each outfit
- The simple blouse will be updated and Summer-afied - expect some cute sleeveless tops
- Some very out-there outfits with inspirations from floral bases
- Greens showing up across the board with plenty of gold accents
- Less and less browns and blacks
- Spring outfits changed to fit Summer standards
- Lots of gold

If you have watched the official music video for Boom Boom Pow (by the Black Eyed Peas), there are some things in their outfits that might possibly be incorperated into new trends, howeber I strongly doubt that we will all be wearing skin- tight candy- cane colored unitards.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back With Baggy?

Fashion keeps moving foreword- it waits for no one. For the past couple of years everyone has been rockin' the skinny jeans, but lately more and more people are showing up on the runway with baggy shorts & capris.

(The below picture is Rachel Bilson.)
I personally think it's a cute style, but skinny's aren't out just yet. Some of these baggy shorts are a cross between bubble shorts and baggy because at the bottom they come back up and in. In the picture above, they are more simply rolled up. I have a great picture of some shocking turquoise blue baggies, but currently can not find it.

Now I need to get working on sewing a pair for my friend to model. Then I can upload that.

Positive article- only good things intended. Will remove picture/ text if asked.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Singapore Style

I've officially been in Singapore for over a year now, and have become acquainted with the styles here. I'm sure "yall" in the States would like to know what the styles in Singapore/ Japan/ Hong Kong are like.

Everything over here is funky and fun. There are really two sides to fashion over here. The first is what comes over from NY, Milan & the like. The second side is the HK/ Japan bit. That's the side I'll focus on today.
I love how crazy some jewelry is over here. Hello Kitty & friends make appearances in teen clothing and jewelry all the time. If you happen to be in Singapore, Chamelon sells the cheapest fun accessories. There is a Chamelon in the Causeway Point mall for those of you who are interested. (I tried without any luck to find the Chamelon website- sorry!)
For clothing, Giorano and Uniqlo sell some unique, up to date things.

There is a brand-new Uniqlo located in ION Orchard- a very brand- new mall. It's amazing- you'll just have to go there for yourself. (Oh- and I know doughnuts and staying skinny don't go together, but they just put in a Duncan Doughnuts at ION :) )
Technicalities: (I'm not using yall to demean people in the states- it's actually a word I get made fun of for using... (yes, I'm a Texan) :D ) The pictures in this article will be removed if asked. Nothing bad intended in this article- for fashion purposes only. Fashion in Singapore is very good.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Do Not Worry!

I have not deserted my fashion audience. As for the lack of posts, I have a complete list of viable excuses including the fact that my computer here in Singapore has gone 'wack'. Something happened and it won't come on. We tried to get some people to come and fix the computer but all that ended up happening was the harddrive actually got taken out of the computer and it was a mess of wires for a few days. Now it's just sitting there. Oh, well. Without the computer at my beck and call I've reverted to reading more like when I was little... not to say I'm an adult either. I think today we'll take a look at the latest children's fashion.
I've not done much on children's fashion, but my cousin owns the site below & she showed me a few things that she does. I helped make one of the bowholders, but I cannot find the particular one on her site, so I will just show a few different ones instead.

Every little girl has owned a bow at some time in her past, and many parents have tons of them for their kids. The annoying thing is when there are too many bows and they are all shoved in a drawer to the point where it takes ten minutes to find the right bow. That is where bowholders come in. They are the best in custom organization for children. My favorite is the floral design located below.
Along with beautiful bowholders, Elise Claire Designs makes adorable outfits for children. as shown below and on thier site.

Honestly, I am a bit biased on who makes the best toddler and young children's clothing mainly because the owner is very closely related to me, but I do have to say- get out there, shop around and find the best for your baby!
(Yes, J- I own this website: E)
Nothing bad intended- will take down any photos if asked. Secure site. (My cousin owns these photos- not me.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Demi Lovato Fashon and Updates

Quick Update:

I have just finished an abesoloutly adorable purse, but as I am planning to surprise someone with it for their birthday, I unfortunatly can not post a picture of it until after I gift it (which will be in a few months. Sorry!) I have begun work on a skirt and have all of the pieces cut out except the lining which I am putting off because I have some fabulous silk stuff to put on it which I am afraid to attempt doing.

Demi Lovato Fashion:

Demi Lovato stars in Sonny With a Chance, a new-er, funny Disney TV show. She also starred in Camp Rock, one of Disney's hit movies, along side the Jonas Brothers. The other day I found a great picture of Demi in a cute Samantha Sweater and pants outfit. At the time I could not find a picture of the Samantha Sweater. Now that I have found the sweater, I can't find the picture of Demi. So smart, right?

Here is a cute Demi Pic to replace the one I can't find of her:

Demi Inspired Outfit:

The outfit above consists of the following:
(Pricing as Following: $- cheap $$-moderate $$$-pricey)

-$$$ Kenneth Jay Lane Enamel Bamboo Bangles $49.00

- Purse: Dimi often chooses not to rock the purse. This is usually because she is holding a microphone.

-$ Chadwick's Samantha Sweater $16.99 (Don't forget to layer with a tank under the sweater.)

I found all pictures except for the Chadwick's and Sears ones on Google. If asked, I will remove any of the above photos. This site is not set up to demote any of the above items and is not a paid advertisment. This is just a suggestion article. Nothing bad intended. All prices in USD ($). Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Day, Another Purse: and What to Wear With?

Summer ends soon, but to really enjoy the last two or three weeks of wonderful weather and good friends, make sure to deck out in flip flops and shorts and have a good time. The outfit below started out with the purse, because I made the purse of course. Then came what to wear. The outfit has mostl cool colors- greens, greys and blues with some gold. The pink in the flip- flops won't be visible while you are wearing them. It is really just a cool, comfortable, fun outfit to wear anyday.

(The above purse is quite a bit lighter in color- sea foam green- but as I am on vacation, I have to make do with poor lighting and a not-so-good webcam to take most of my pictures. Sorry!)

The outfit above consists of the following:
(Pricing as Following: $- cheap $$-moderate $$$-pricey)
-$ Rebekah Sierra Tote Purse $N/A (for now)

-$ American Eagle Emblished V-Neck T $19.95
-$$ American Eagle Plaid Bermuda Shorts $39.50

I found all pictures except for the Aeropostale and American Eagle (and the ones that are mine)ones on Google. If asked, I will remove any of the above photos (except for the one of the purse I sewed). This site is not set up to demote any of the above items and is not a paid advertisment. This is just a suggestion article. Nothing bad intended. All prices in USD ($). Enjoy!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scrubs: Making Medical Cute

I am currently working on a pair scrub top for my Aunt. Though not currently for sale, (because I am using a pattern that is for home/non-commercial use only & the same goes for the fabric.) the scrub top is adorable. I used a dark blue Curious George patterned cloth. I love this cloth and can't wait for the finished product.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Ends but Sundress Lives On

As fall aproaches, tones of a wonderful summer remain. The sundress can grow up to become a party or dance dress when paired with the correct purse, jewlery and shoes of course.

The below outfit shows how to dress up the sundress. I hate to say it, but I can't decide on a clutch purse to match it all. I'll leave that up to you. Look at clutches here: Now it's your turn to go bargain shopping and get it all for a better deal. Have fun and don't forget to mix and match!

The outfit above consists of the following:
(Pricing as Following: $- cheap $$-moderate $$$-pricey)

-$$ American Eagle Plaid Dress $44.50
-$ Aeropostale Double Strand Heart Necklace $15.50
-$$$ Coach Poppy Daphne Flower Headband $128.00
-$$$ Coach Poppy Skyla Resin Bow Flat $158.00

Just a note: The Coach Poppy Headband I chose to accompany the outfit is the green, blue and gold one, not the purple based tiara. Also, the picture is not true to the lime green of the real headband.

I found all pictures except for the Aeropostale and American Eagle ones on Google. If asked, I will remove any of the above photos. This site is not set up to demote any of the above items and is not a paid advertisment. This is just a suggestion article. Nothing bad intended. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bows & Headbands

I have recently completed a beautiful, elegant purple headband with a pearl in the center. I have uplaoded a picture of the beautiful Australian inspired headband. Forgive me for the poor picture quality, but I took them in about three seconds with a web-cam. I wore the headband all day and got quite a few comments on how beautiful it was. One person asked me where I bought it. :) Tee-hee. Making things is so much more fun than just purchasing them, but most people don't have the time. That's when summer comes in.


Cute bows & such for younger children. See

(Ask for Add Space :))

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I was flipping, or rather clicking, through some old photos of myself when I came upon a cute one of me three or so years ago wearing a cute pink dress I had sewn myself. It looked better once the shrug was completed, but It was pretty good for a ten year old.

That was back when Lizzie McGuire was still "in" and there were some more conservitave sewing patterns out there. Nothing against Hannah Montana at all, but I have looked at some of the sewing patterns from her collections and they are not all very conservitave- at least for a nine or ten year old.

The dress above is the pattern in the lower left hand corner of the site.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finished Projects

I completed two purses, the second yesterday and two headbands. The purse turned out very nice and got noticed. We have our first coustomer. Above is a picture of one of the purses. I'm sorry if the pictures aren't that great, but my cinamatographer for the pictures I'm in is my ten year old brother. It's a nice camera though and I thank him for taking the time to take the pictures.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I got some fabric today for a purse and a skirt & also made a headband. Below are the pictures. Hope you like it! I'm sorry for the odd arrangment, but my computer won't let me edit certain parts of the HTML, so It's stuck in a row like so.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Rebekah Sierra

If you have somehow managed to stumble upon this website, there are some simple things you should know about Rebekah Sierra.

Rebekah: I am a young teen with an eye for sewing and the such. (I also write. My personal blog is ) To be truthful, Rebekah is my middle name, not my first, but I think it stands out more in the fashion industry than the more common first name I have.

Sierra: 'Rebekah' has been my friend since grade two. Upon launching into the fashion industry, I chose to use my middle name in the company name because it stands out. The company name actually means Mt. Rebekah if you think about it.

I will be posting my sewing projects for all to view and possibly eventually sell them. I am currently working on a purse and skirt. Earlier today I completed a headband. I also have a brand- new bought today camera I will upload my pictures from very soon.

I will post my new projects as frequently as possible, so check back soon!